Recent Updates



  • Updated header logo and indicate active top-level nav link
  • Updated "Mobile" link in nav to direct to the web version of Mobile and added "Buylist" link in the dropdown under "Mobile"



  • Added LTL support including:
    • Print pallet labels, box labels, and Bill of Lading (BOL)
    • Update pallet information in bulk
    • Presets for contact information
  • Added support for printing all item (FNSKU) labels onto 30 up sheets for a given shipment


  • To reduce possible discrepancies with Amazon, users can no longer delete shipment items after the shipment has been marked 'shipped' (after clicking "Finish Shipment" button)
  • Added timestamp in place of "Finish Shipment" button when the shipment is marked shipped
  • Shipments imported into ScanPower (currently through BoxT) are labeled and easily identified alt text
  • Added the setting, "Only show shipments from selected address" under the "Shipping" section


  • For performance reasons, all buylist/purchased inventory quantity inputs are limited to 1,000
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